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We have the solutions you are looking for … premium life, annuity, and financial client referrals exclusively for you!

In the insurance business, products and carriers seem to be coming at you from all directions.  Products are good and of course necessary, but you may have the greatest lines in the world and without someone to talk to products mean very little.

What you actually need are prospects, qualified prospects, prospects who ‘want’ to talk with you.  You also need exclusive access to these premium prospects!  Without this, unfortunately, the life, annuity, and financial business can be very challenging.  In fact, lack of prospects is why so many in financial services fail.

41, 31, 29 - Do you have numbers like these?

Right out of the gate one of our newly-trained producers received 41 immediate need referrals, was able to get in touch with 31 of them within just a day or two, and set 29 appointments for life and annuity sales.  Listen to what she has to say …

Listen now ...

If you are not experiencing numbers like these but would like to, give us a call today at 1.866.360.1488 and we will be happy to discuss exclusive availability in your area and quickly explain just how easy it can be for you to get started!

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Remember, we are not an FMO or IMO and we are not trying to contract you for products.  We are also not a list company and we are not selling leads – our approach is unique and can put an end to your marketing worries!

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From-the-field discussion ...

Please take a few minutes and listen to the recent zoom meeting we had with new producing advisors who had recently attended our Training Event.

As part of our ongoing training call, we thought you would be interested to hear the from-the-field discussion with financial professional John Young.

BTW – this Advisor wrote a $600,000 annuity right out of the gate …

During this brief 9-minute conversation here are some of the ‘behind-the-scenes insight’ topics that were discussed:

  • His first sale
  • His role as the financial professional
  • Immediate revenues – ongoing revenue streams
  • Wheelhouse clients
  • Advisors who add 400+ clients …
  • Families’ biggest financial concern
  • Niche’ marketing
  • Highly receptive families (they actually call me back)
  • The garden hose solution
  • This is a yes business