Advisor Interviews

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From-the-field discussion ...

Please take a few minutes and listen to the recent zoom meeting we had with new producing advisors who had recently attended our Training Event.

As part of our ongoing training call, we thought you would be interested to hear the from-the-field discussion with financial professional John Young.

BTW – this Advisor wrote a $600,000 annuity right out of the gate …

During this brief 9-minute conversation here are some of the ‘behind-the-scenes insight’ topics that were discussed:

  • His first sale
  • His role as the financial professional
  • Immediate revenues – ongoing revenue streams
  • Wheelhouse clients
  • Advisors who add 400+ clients …
  • Families’ biggest financial concern
  • Niche’ marketing
  • Highly receptive families (they actually call me back)
  • The garden hose solution
  • This is a yes business