Financial Professionals

Looking for an easier way to add
life, annuity, and financial clients?

Use the industry's
most successful marketing system
to your advantage

What Makes Us Different

We are not an FMO or IMO looking to contract with you for products. We are not a list company or selling leads. Our referrals are exclusive, guaranteed, have an immediate need, and most importantly to you, there is no ongoing cost.

Average Client Demographics

  • Age range:  40’s and early 50’s
  • Adjusted Gross Income:  $197,405
  • Non-qualified accounts:  $229,315
  • Qualified accounts:  $519,706

Benefits of Our Premium Referrals

  • 100% Exclusive to You
  • Have an Immediate Need
  • Specifically Requested an Interview
  • Life, Annuity, & Planning Specific
  • No Contracting Required
  • AI-Driven Real-Time Delivery
  • No Per-Referral or Ongoing Cost
  • 100% Guaranteed

With over 30 years of hands-on experience, My Financial Practice offers a unique niche marketing solution for financial services professionals. Our programs excel in transforming long-term planning needs like life insurance, annuities, and retirement into immediate-need conversations through turn-key processes and seamless integration, setting a benchmark in the financial services industry.

My Financial Practice provides the incredible niche marketing solution that allows financial services professionals to systematically take long-term planning needs such as life, annuities, and retirement, and make them immediate-need conversations. 30+ years of hands-on experience, turn-key processes, and seamless integration make our programs top in the financial services industry.

My Financial Practice
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