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Focus on what prospects want done now and dovetail their immediate need with your long-term products and services.  What is their immediate need?  What is their top financial concern?  For 86% of parents in their 40’s and early 50’s with children in high school it’s late-stage college planning.

Time for a Change

If you are tired of using those old, worn out approaches that have never really worked very well; or, if you feel stuck in the incredibly competitive health or senior market and would like to move into the more lucrative life and annuity business, perhaps it’s time for you to make a change and improve your bottom line.

Adding Life & Annuity Clients

Learn how easy it can be to use late-stage college planning to establish relationships, build trust, sell life and annuity products, as well as secure long-term financial clients.  Not 529 plans and not saving ‘for’ college, but rather saving ‘on’ college by using your life and annuity products to help families.

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We are the exclusive referral distribution partner for one of the nation’s largest for-profit charities focusing on preparing and paying for college.

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