Value-Added Benefit

Increase your client retention and your bottom line …

Increase your
client retention
and your
bottom line …

Value-Added Benefit to Your Existing Practice

Not only is college planning the ultimate door-opener and relationship-builder, it’s also the most effective way of implementing a value-added benefit to your current client base, which will help you increase long-term retention.

Because your client families with high-school aged children are going to do college planning one way or another, just imagine how powerful it can be for you to go back to those clients and talk with them about their biggest concerns – their children, their education, and their future.

Your Long-Term Clients

Your financial services practice, probably as much or more than any other business, is built on relationships.  Long-term relationships!

In fact, the success or failure of your practice, in the end, hinges greatly on the relationships you have formed with your clients.

The life-blood of any practice is securing new clients, no question.  Securing clients in such a manner that will promote a long-term relationship is what all top producers have mastered.

Your Clients’ Point of View

Let’s not think about your multi-sales and commissions that come from a long-term client for a minute.  Let’s think about the benefits to the client.  You, as a financial professional, know their situation.  You are also aware of their current and long-term goals and are familiar with the family dynamics.  Most of all – you are trusted.

From the family’s point of view, they also have a relationship with you.  They like you.  They feel comfortable in working with you.  And, they feel as though you have their best interest in mind.  As they need assistance and guidance with future financial and/or insurance related matters, they will likely contact you first.  It stands to reason!  Why not go to the one that already knows their situation, the one that is trusted, and the one with the answers!

We are the Expert Relationship Builders!

We have the experience, the solutions, the hands-on involvement, the proven resources, the proprietary online platforms, and the ongoing support to make college planning a virtually seamless addition to your practice.  Our programs are specifically designed for financial services professionals and can be custom-tailored to fit any practice and support structure.

We bring over 20 years of hands-on college planning experience, implementation, and know-how.  All aspects are proven, turn-key, and very easy to implement.

In working with over 1,500 financial professionals, we have been able to greatly shorten the learning curve.  And, our support staff is the absolute top in the industry.

Thanks for your professionalism with my clients.  It’s nice to know that you care about these folks just as much as I do when I turn them over to you for the heavy lifting college planning work.

Nick Cinelli

A great company, a great program, and a great way to help my client families – thank you!

Bertrand Fote

Compared to a competitor I looked at, your program is by far vastly superior from start to finish – no comparison, actually.

Harley Andrews