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Would you like exclusive access to premium referrals who have specifically asked to speak with a local financial professional regarding their immediate life, annuity,  and even long-term planning needs?

Average Client Demographics

  • Age range:  40’s and early 50’s
  • Adjusted Gross Income:  $196,735
  • Non-qualified accounts:  $227,406
  • Qualified accounts:  $511,983

We currently have 1,900+ advisors and financial services professionals participating in our guaranteed exclusive referral program.

All areas are protected by zip code.  Please select 6 zip codes and complete your contact information.  We will get back with you soon to let you know availability in your requested marketing area.

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Benefits to You

Is setting yourself apart from your competition a constant challenge?  Do you need a real eye-catching game-changer?  Something that you provide that not many others can? 

Like you, many other life and annuity producers are great when they get in front of a qualified prospect.  But, there's the question - where do you find these qualified prospects?

That question is also your key to long-term success!  The real game-changer!  Qualified prospects - exclusive access to premium referrals that have a pressing need and are actively seeking an interview!

Put yourself ahead of all the others when it comes to adding new clients.

Focus on what prospects want done now and dovetail their immediate need with your long-term products and services. 

Learn how easy it can be to use late-stage college planning to establish relationships, build trust, sell life and annuity products, as well as secure long-term financial clients.

Give yourself access to a powerful niche' marketing tool that enables you to systematically take long-term planning needs such as life, annuities, and retirement planning, and make them immediate-need conversations.

By addressing your prospects' main financial concern—paying for college—first, you will much more efficiently add life, annuity, and financial clients in their 40's and 50's with the help of our specialty solution.

There's absolutely no need for you to become a college planner to benefit.  For you, we'll handle all the administrative tasks and labor-intensive college planning.

Late-stage college planning aids families in paying less for college and goes well beyond 529 plans.  Your life insurance and annuity products are crucial.

Our programs may be customized to meet any size practice and have been specifically created for professionals in the financial services industry.

We have the answers, instruction, tools, proprietary online platforms, and assistance to make late-stage college planning a seamless addition to your organization.

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